Other Caseload & Practice Sales

While our main focus in recent years has been in and around the personal injury sector, we do have close links with multi-disciplined law firms and as such we are able to consider and assist with matters beyond the PI market alone.

Valuing law firms and caseloads can be a very complex business and is far from the linear equation that many may expect. Simple profit forecasts based upon previous trading history rarely, if ever, can be used to produce a valuation as law firms are far more than simply what sits in their cabinets. Future case generation, staff and client retention, reputation, online presence and a multitude of other factors must be taken into consideration – many of which seem difficult if not impossible to attach a valuation to at first instance.

Verus UK will work with you to make sure that your firm is valued correctly, and we will then look to help you find the right buyer at the right price.

In some instances, your sale may be worth a premium if the buyer comes from within the practice itself – an individual or a group who know the business inside out and therefore know exactly what it has achieved so far, and what potential may still lie untapped. If so, we can look to help arrange finance to ensure the best possible result for all involved.

Whichever area of law you and your firm may practice, Verus UK is here to help.

Contact us free of charge and without obligation to arrange a confidential consultation and see which options and opportunities may be open to you.                   

Caseload Acquisitions

Acquiring full or partial caseloads from other firms can be an excellent way to provide an immediate boost to your practice

Confidentiality & NDAs

We understand how important it is that your intentions are kept concealed until the time is right

Costs Recovery & CFA Enforcement

We have our own in-house cost specialists who will fight to maximise your costs recovery

Funding & Finance

Many mainstream lenders are extremely cautious when it comes to law firms in general and PI practices in particular

Growth & Strategy Consultancy

Our objective is a very simple one, to maximise profitability while maintaining outstanding levels of customer service

Mergers, Acquisitions & Management Buyouts

Straight WIP or practice sales/acquisitions are not always the best way to grow, diversify or dispose of a firm

Other Caseload & Practice Sales

We have close links with multi-disciplined law firms and can assist with matters beyond the PI market

Personal Injury Caseload Sales

Whether you are looking to sell an entire firm, a department or just a certain case type we may be able to help