Maximising Law Firm Profitability & Value

Verus UK offers a wide-ranging advisory and information resource to clients and provides practical solutions to financial and operational issues. Our advice is underpinned by sound accounting principles but goes beyond the provision of traditional accountancy services. We are responsive to our client’s needs, creative in our ideas and meticulous in our approach.

Caseload Acquisitions

Acquiring full or partial caseloads from other firms can be an excellent way to provide an immediate boost to your practice

Confidentiality & NDAs

We understand how important it is that your intentions are kept concealed until the time is right

Costs Recovery & CFA Enforcement

We have our own in-house cost specialists who will fight to maximise your costs recovery

Funding & Finance

Many mainstream lenders are extremely cautious when it comes to law firms in general and PI practices in particular

Growth & Strategy Consultancy

Our objective is a very simple one, to maximise profitability while maintaining outstanding levels of customer service

Marketing & Lead Generation

We will work with you in partnership to deliver leads direct to your inbox at cost price

Mergers, Acquisitions & Management Buyouts

Straight WIP or practice sales/acquisitions are not always the best way to grow, diversify or dispose of a firm

Other Caseload & Practice Sales

We have close links with multi-disciplined law firms and can assist with matters beyond the PI market

Personal Injury Caseload Sales

Whether you are looking to sell an entire firm, a department or just a certain case type we may be able to help

Selling a PI caseload?

We know exactly how hard you have worked to acquire your cases and to progress them so why should you let them go for a fraction of what they are worth?

Selling a non-PI caseload?

Verus UK will work with you to make sure that your non-PI caseload or firm is valued correctly, and we will then look to help you find the right buyer at the right price.